We are the NSO9A

Feb 2

So we now have the new 666 edition of Siege available in the new store section of the website! We took a new direction this time and instead of making a big run of cheap paperbacks we went with a limited edition of hardcover books, loaded with extras and much improved since our last fifth edition. We also have available at the store a limited run of our "For Race and Satan" T-shirts with graphics on the front and back. And as with everything we do we will continue expanding in every area. And speaking of expansion as predicted our network of associates is expanding as well with NSO9A associates and associated, kindred, and copycat groups on the rise in four different countries. And may the expansion only rise!

And as interest in National Socialist Satanism has risen we feel it is incumbent upon us to clarify our positions on a couple different issues primarily where we stand satanically as in relation to other groups. We must caution you from the outset that we are not affiliated with ANY other group the dons the title "Order of Nine Angles'', ONA, or O9A. in fact, we are not in compliance or alliance with any other so-called Satanic groups, we are our own authority in all that we do. This is why you will seldom hear us peppering our speech, articles, or statements with this or that person's admonitions or appraisal. We speak for ourselves and let the power and substance of our message be the measure of our success, not name dropping.

That said, we view the early works of the ONA as viable, truly satanic, and brilliant in their sinister conceptions. However our application and methodology of concepts such as causal, acausal, aeonics and the like are a bit more involved and a lot less hokus pokus than you will find in other so-called niner groups. When it comes to gnosis however we are Chaosophic and Necrosophic and really more in line with our anti-cosmic cousins in 218.

But the main feature that separates us from the others is the hardstance we take on National Socialism both as a movement and as a central practice to our religion. For us, sinister esoteric Hitlerism is far removed from the fucking toga party it has become! Nor is National Socialism ambient in our practice of Current 191 but is central to it.

Beyond that we have made a couple minor changes that should be made note of. First, we will no longer support anyone in any capacity on our support page or in any capacity that professes christianity, as before we were tolerant of it so long as their actions were murderous or racialist. Christianity is Jewish, and anyone who promotes it is simply attempting to poison the white man's thinking with jewish farming parables from a homeless wandering kike! It is especially vile when peddled under the guise of racialism by groups such as christian identity (they identify as jews) or the Klueless Kucks Klan!

Next we have shut the door of association in the NSO9A to atheists. Simply put we are not an association that has the time nor inclination to work with anyone that is not on board with the totality of our message. Other than that we are as busy as ever and happy to throw ourselves into the devil's work........ which is never done.





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