United Aryan Evil

Nov 16

Over the last two months we have had five personal visits from our hardline associates, as well as one mole attempting to infiltrate us from some failing organization in it's dottage. But all of these men travelled far and wide to come see us, some staying with us in the bunker for several days and we truly are moved by their visits and efforts. It is motivating for us to see such genuine intrest in our message and gives us the surety of knowing that we have true associations with our National Socialist Satanist brothers and fellow Nihil-Nazis. It should not be taken for granted, especially in this day and age where what so often dresses itself up in the garb of brotherhood is really not friendship but an internet-ship, a visit behind glass, a facade.

As it stands, we now have more dissident former Atomwaffen Division members in our ranks than those few hasbeens that play at gate keeping some invented legacy which no one outside of their myopia is inclined to believe, or cares about. For it truly is only the irrelevant that must self-direct you to their glorious past, while having nothing of worth today, and no certain vision of tomorrow. Apparently the loudest drums are hollow on the inside. But no matter what silly shenanigans persist in the so-called movement we stay busy building a movement of our own and this is becoming quickly recognizable to all.

To recap just in this last month, I have put up new audio lessons which are teaching the fundamentals of true Satanism. Sarkic has been down in the basement writing away- bringing out quality articles about key features as pertains to our worldview. Our associates have been kicking ass on our new support project and are now learning and teaching as they go. And once again we are thrilled, so early on, to have so many hands on deck! We have a new video archive where we are bringing you our own prop videos by the one and only, true and revolutionary mix master Mike! But also videos from a range of other groups we hold in esteem, as well as real serial killers who are some of the greatest unsung heroes of our race. We have expanded and organized our pdf library, and much more.

And so it is that now may be a good time to shed some light on an NSO9A principle that we infuse into all that we do. Briefly stated it's this: THE MESSAGE, OVER THE MAN! When we speak of serial killers we exalt those who had incredible kill counts, never got caught, or were otherwise notorious because of their ACTIONS. When we speak of movements of the past we are focusing on what good they did and what we can learn from them, not what they believed before, or what they turned into later. We keep our focus on the NSDAP instead of the neo-nazis because hardly any of our leaders since the fall of Nazi Germany have exhibited the courage or brutality of one single Hitler Youth soldier. In Satanism we follow the vital and true MSS of the Order Of Nine Angles as well as the death cults of Current 218- not female, faggot, chink, spics that bandycreed themselves about as outer representatives! And we ourselves act as a Trident so as not to fall prey to the hubris of past armchair generals.

And we have hardly just begun, we have yet to fully elaborate on the Nihil-Nazi and accelerationist parts of our philosophy, and so to begin rectifying that situation, we must take it back to the beginning of where acceleration and National Socialism meet. We must start at Siege. As it stands now Siege culture, has been defined by those on the Siege spectrum, that is to say autistic mental retards. And now that they have lost interest, they have thrown it by the wayside playing the blame game of charecter assasination that they do every single time they are done using someone else's heartfelt work for their own petty optics... very well.

It's only fitting then that since WE were the ones that brought Siege to the world in its latest 5th and authorized edition, it should be us that does it again. However, we came up against a problem. It is tradition that each new publishing of Siege has the flare of those publishing it. But in our talks with Siege readers, we've found many are hungry for just the Siege of James Mason without all the extra rehtoric. So the only fitting solution is for us to do both. After a talk with James, and upon his approval, we decided to publish the second printing of the Fifth Edition of Siege, minus anyone else's lead-ins, pictures or taint. This very much pleases and respects the author of that work as well as those who just want to read the original book in its purest form. And at the same time we will be printing our very own 666 edition of Siege that will be expanded both graphically and texually. This of course is a huge undertaking but it's one we are thrilled to be the proprietors of once again. Oh yes, and this time sales will be open to all internationally. RAHOWA! Siege, Satan and National Socialism are all ours!


Heil Belial






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