Supporting our imprisoned comrades is of the utmost importance and has far reaching effects when we do. Conversely, when we fail to show adequate support for our comrades the damage is even greater. But because that damage is silent it goes largely unnoticed, so it becomes incumbent upon us to shine a light on it. The movement for National Socialism exists in the larger movement of racialist groups. And outside of this there is simply nothing but hostility and contempt from the outside world and its various power structures. The left wing, here in North America, are the ones solely and squarely in control of the national narrative. So as we can see straight from the outset if our fallen are not supported by us from start to finish, then they never will be.

  Of course this makes the pressure of incarceration that much more difficult for the inmate but that is really nowhere near the damage that our forgetfulness causes. Let's look for a moment at what we are telegraphing to the outside world when we abandon support. First off, we show them that we are a paper demon which they can single out with impunity and by us, I mean the entire White Race! We also are showing by our lack of support that we disagree with violence and illegality, and therefore any truly effective opposition force. We also show to our enemies on the left just how far we are from having group solidarity of any kind, and so they will pay attention to the chatter amongst the various groups after a shooting or some such event and use our divisive arguments to further divide us. Often even the Prisoner of War's own family will eventually turn on him if they don't have some idea that some group of people, somewhere, has a positive or at least understanding perspective of the actions their loved ones have taken. Because that's often how strong society’s pressures are in an individual's determination of right and wrong.

  Lack of support also weakens us in various ways internally. First and foremost it sends a clear sign to anyone that may be getting ready to take the leap into truly noble and worthy action, such as murder. That they will not only be vilified by society as a whole but also within the very movement they are willing to, or potentially becoming willing to, sacrifice for. It also reveals our basic cowardice in the face of all our bold talk. And it robs this movement of strong guiding voices from our prisoners of war that if they were still viable could motivate and assure others in ways that no book author or website can.

  And while I'm on that note let me say that it's truly sad to see how much more we value ideas over actions. Every time one of our brothers goes down fighting we want to instantly know if they were from the movement, which part? What group? Always with an eye to discredit them either out of our own underlying cowardice or pretentiousness. Because when a man acts it shines a light on those that don't. And when a White Man acts who is not an ideological wizard it shines a light on the fact that it really is unnecessary to have to read certain books or think certain thoughts to kick ass for the race!

 And so it is that we begin rolling out our Trident Of Support. And we say begin because it's just that, a beginning. We hope to not only expand upon our list to include the information of all those who deserve it but we also intend to help those we can by real world methods. To gain our support each man of action must 1. have taken action for our race, 2. not be an advocate or follower of christkikery and 3. have not snitched or reversed themselves against the cause publicly.


Support Tiers

The three prongs of the Trident of support are as follows:

  First Tier

Those who have killed for our race. It is our opinion that this is the greatest act a man can ever commit on behalf of his own defense, or the defense of his people, or for the sake of eugenics, or the hygiene of the planet in general. It also takes a spectacular amount of bravery and spiritual vigor to truly break the chains which society has swathed around our minds. And killing is still the most effective tactic in any war. Those who have killed for the race deserve the utmost of our support. For they have proven themselves righteous by their deeds and self sacrifice.

  Second Tier

All those imprisoned from any part of the racialist cause, and WITH A CASE that has to do with the movement. This is an all too often occurrence. Whenever a White Man becomes a threat to the status quo it is only a matter of time before he will come into the crosshairs of the jewish hands of authority. Being effective against them is the only real crime in their eyes and they manipulate the laws to do their bidding. All of these men deserve our support, and deserve to not be forgotten.

  Third Tier

 Any White Man that has found himself incarcerated for any sort of violence, towards any mud races, and for any reason whatsoever. Intentionality counts for something, but it is not everything. It's not just the man in the movement, or in this or that group, that lashes out. More often than not it's a white brother whose just had enough. And they deserve our respect and support as well.


What is Support?

Support is not talking about them online in a positive way. That's supporting their actions with words. Actual support amounts to these 4 things-

1.Sending money. Locate where they are in the prison system and then access that prison's website and it will detail how to send an inmate funds. This is not material support for terrorism. Anyone may send money orders etc. as long as they follow procedure. And often money can be sent anonymously.

 2. Correspondence- Letters are great! And cost next to nothing except for a bit of your time. But remember when you write your doing it for them. iIf they don't want to respond that's fine, they did enough. And if they do thats great as well, but they owe you no answers or entertainment.

 3. Books and Periodicals- most white prisoners enjoy reading (because they can). Find out what THEY would like to read, not what you would like to send them, and send them books and magazines. It's a guarantee that whatever you send will be read by many other white prisoners as well (the niggers can't read and the wetbacks cant read in english).

  4. Visits- if you do establish good relations with a prisoner and you can make the trip, it means the world! It's the only time they really get to feel human again and not just a number is for the couple hours they can be in a visiting room with someone other than staff or inmates.


Stipulations for support-

Any White Man that fits into any of these three tiers deserves, and should receive our support as long as-

They are not advocates or followers of christcuckery

They have not VERIFIABLY snitched on anyone during the course of their case, or investigation.

They have not publicly reversed themselves against our cause.