Otto Skorzeny Heinrich Himmler Hans-Adolf Prutzmann Werwolf of the Reich (Barnes Review Essay on the SS Werwolves)


And so it is that we now release our third installment of the trident article series. The first two, (the Trident of Support and the Trident of Association respectively had largely to do with how we deal with each other and those things that are expected of us in group and individual capacities. This one however speaks to where we see ourselves in the golden chain of National Socialism proper, and this is no small issue.  The naivete about what is orthodox, or off the rails within National Socialism, at least here in America, is a two dimensional and milquetoast version of early to mid 20th century reenactment. This is largely so because of our fixation with our own brand of the neo nazi movement within our own borders. However, good intentions and hard work aside, we could take all the actions of men such as George Lincoln Rockwell, William Pierce, Ben Klassen, Tom Metzger and James Mason, put them together and what we would have, in effect, would not amount to the effectiveness and sacrifice of one German child that fought as a werwolf after the end of WWII. 

 It's also important to note that the international movement for National Socialism didn't just spring up after the fact. As an example Savitri Devi stayed in the home of Skorzeny in Spain for a period of weeks, after which Skorzeny commented that he saw Savitri as the new Goebbels of the pan aryan movement. There were also a handful of high-ranking military of the NSDAP that immediately set about moving to the arabian peninsula taking on the language of arabic and the religion of islam simply so that they could train the sand niggers and personally continue the fight against the jew in neighboring israel. How ironic then- that when we National Socialist Satanists and Nihil-Nazis speak of insight rolls, infiltration or nihilism, we are often met with consternation and anger by those who really should know better. As practically any tactic would be of more use than the absolute futility of cleaning up the nazi image in the public mindset. We know it is futile because you are not going to win against jewish lies within completely jewish societies. Which is exactly what we have in the united states of today. This is the land of $4.99 instead of five bucks!

 What was understood by the old guard at the close of WWII is that despite years of global politics, capitalism and communism are simply two arms of the same Frankenstein monster, that monster being jewish global interests. And so there really became only three avenues to continue the fight. 1. seesaw politics- for the man of means 2. guerrilla warfare- for the common man and 3. propaganda- for the intelligentsia. With the propaganda arm being the weakest of the three. Skorzeny, after the war's end, embraced seesaw politics. And this has always been a point of speculation and debate in National Socialist circles. but once again it's a moralist lens that Skorzeny is viewed through and distorted with. Even though morality was never the battlefield in which he fought. 

 Skorzeny was a master tactician and the trade off for anyone of his ilk is that appearance often has to take a backseat to achieving the objective. So instead of viewing this great man through a moral and historical perspective we should be looking at him through the lens of National Socialism, purely. And that perspective demands that we put away any notion that capitalism and democracy are any less vile than communism and jewry! Tactically speaking when you have two enemies that you cannot overthrow, or even effectively combat then the next best thing to do is get them fighting each other. You play one off the other, feigning loyalty. In this way they strengthen your position while weakening their own, and that's exactly what Skorzeny did, and however he did it, it was good. It's from Otto Skorzeny that we take the tactics of effectiveness and change over the failed conception that, "the good guy always wins".

 Himmler also gets scrutiny from the armchair generals for having abandoned Hitler’s directives in the very last days of the war. While Rudolf Hess seems to always get a pass on this for disobeying Hitler’s orders far before the culmination of events! Perhaps it is mixed with the fact that Himmler took the honorable way out and killed himself thereby not becoming a martyr. Was that not far more representative of Hitler's personal example?  In any event, Himmler would never have made a good martyr to a passel mental and spiritual kikes (often referred to today as "white christian men") as it is well known that Himmler was an occultist of the highest order and a reminder of just how much dark paganism was championed by the Fuhrer. Diplomatic political speeches aside, no one in Hitler's inner circle were converting castles into christian monasteries for the elite of the party to sing chants to a crucified kike! Or maybe you think Hitler was unaware of the esoteric practices within the Wewelsburg castle?  Even though it was known to every SS officer and Luftwaffe that flew over it, or anyone in the party that knew Himmler, since he had no reason to hide it. It is from Himmler that we can show the occult, mystical, and esoteric nature of the third reich at  its absolute highest levels, and therefore its authentic lineage that still holds sway within the Nihil-Nazi movement today.

 Hans Adolf Prutzmann is not as recognizable a name in the history of our movement as he should be. Prutzmann was a man of not only talent and loyalty, but he was also a man of ruthless application! Concise and never failing, and it is with him in mind that we now will give pause to explain another feature of the Trident of National Socialism that you may have noticed. Unlike the usual party line within racialist organizations we are not holocaust deniers. That's not to say that we believe 6 million hebes died in a country the size of texas, a country that did not have 6 million kikes to kill within its borders. But we are not interested in debating, or hypothesizing the true number or the means and methods of their disposal. To do any of that we would have to care, and we don't. To us the number of dead jews will always be NOT ENOUGH!

 Unlike the historical revisionists we don't have a pathological desire to make the history of the NSDAP the exact opposite of the jewish fable, as if not one jew was ever killed, and why, in fact, the nazis just wanted nothing but the best for all the peoples of the earth! This delusion that the White Race is at all times morally righteous, and that's how we will always win the day is dreadfully flawed! Not simply because it makes it impossible to make cold dispassionate decisions which are necessary for our survival, but it also buries the achievements of our greatest men like Prutzmann or McVeigh. And it's within that reactive good goyism that we give away the narratives of strength and personal power that can, and have, emboldened our people to future actions. Denying our highest achievements, such as the holocaust, also assuages our enemies fears about us picking up where other generations left off. I'd be willing to bet that if a significant amount of white people championed the holocaust, or the lynching of niggers, we would not still be hearing about it today! So we celebrate the fact that men like Prutzmann and Himmler were essential to laying low scores of enemies, enemies of the White Race!

  And as you will read within this collection of articles it was these three men that were responsible for the werewolf divisions of guerrilla fighters for National Socialism. And this was no small endeavor. First off it shows the immediate change in tactics taken by the actual upper echelons of the NSDAP. Never were orders given to start dressing in mach nazi uniforms in other countries, or to start the political processes over and hope for a better result, no! That's not to say that political action doesn't work, but when it comes to revolutionary movements such as our own, political pandering is useless unless a certain amount of destabilization exists in society beforehand. History has proven on numerous occasions that the only time large portions of the population will seriously consider bold ideologies is in times of societal instability. 

 Often, we, as Nihil Nazis and Satanists get accused of either not being true National Socialists or having no idea what NS is. It is for that reason that we have taken the time to write this series of trident articles. We know it will not change the minds of our detractors but it is still necessary to clarify our own position. And to show that our ideas are not just lifted out of thin air but have an authentic connection to the tactical intent of our forebears, those giants amongst men! Thereby showing that the tactics we propose are nothing new, nor of our own invention but that they were the authentic last wishes of those men at the helm and occupying the highest positions of the NSDAP, that in fact these were the final orders given for us all. 

 And lastly, and most importantly we take from the infernal example of Satan in the flesh, Adolf Hitler himself!! For it was he that was willing to do anything to uplift his people. Even if that meant becoming the historical devil of all time! What concerned him was not being seen as a good goy, but doing what was effective, and the two do not go together as often as we would like to assume.