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 If there is one thing that we have seen over and over again it's the failed idea of the leadership model, especially as it pertains to the racialist causes of north america. It is not our intention to make this mistake again. With very few exceptions the leadership principle has been fashioned like one big pyramid, easily infiltrated and easily linking those at the helm with practically any action is the street that the government would like to pin on any group they find subversive.

  A great example of this is W.A.R. or the White Aryan Resistance, another group that we of the NSO have an authentic lineage too. Tom Metzger, (one of the most forward thinking, bold and based white men that the above ground fight for white power has ever seen in america) once believed in the concept of marching order membership. 

  However, he quickly learned  when some skinheads in the pacific northwest beat some light bulb head (Ethiopian nigger) to death just how easily completely rational and sensible actions such as these will get misconstrued and weaponized in the jew courts. But instead of closing down  shop and never being heard from again, this great man picked up and ran with the idea of leaderless resistance, using the aboveground/undeground  model that the left has been making use of for decades! For a more thorough explanation of WAR, Tom Metzger, as well as his irreplaceable experience and advice for the movement please visit 

  Now, we in the NSO realize that fully copying any one idea or program is folly. We live in ever changing and degrading times. Our style of disorganization and activity is really based on a hierarchy of brotherhood. And the only way brotherhood exists is among men.


Hail the End!