Autonomy Association Action

Sinister Sects/Sectors

SECT- /sek(t)/ A philosophical, religious, or political group, especially one regarded as extreme or dangerous.

SINISTER- 1. Giving the impression that something harmful is happening or will happen. 2. Evil or criminal.

Associated groups in the NSO9A are known by us as "Sinister Sects" (or SS Groups for short) and the regions, states or countries in which they operate are their Sinister Sectors. Much that pertains to individual association is relevant when it comes to the SS groups as well. For instance an SS group has autonomy, meaning that their goals, objectives and modes of operation are not dictated by us and therefore are not under our control. Conversely, they do not dictate our terms of engagement either. We also have little desire for upstarts, or no name groups, that simply want to associate with us to bolster their own image. As we have expounded upon previously our association at the individual level, all the way up to the Trident itself is merit based and not simply bound by friendship or fandom.

This is the same criteria with which we associate with the SS groups. We are a white racist, satanic and nihilistic group which we set forth in our slogan of ACCELERATIONISM, NATIONAL SOCIALISM, and SATANISM and no SS group can be authentic that stands against these core principles or that we have not recognized as being part of our family. So in this way we operate in a truly traditional form of clanic aryan tribalism, instead of being a corporate umbrella organization.

That being said, we have great love for our Sinister Sects and see them as a sort of satanic waffen. We will defend them and their works to whatever end. So long as they are loyal to us, we will return that loyalty and defend their kindred honor. Their friends are our friends, their foes are our enemies. And we will defend our family by whatever means WE deem necessary. For they are carrying out the infernal work of the Dark Gods of Azerate, and of the white race!

Sinister Sect MKY Maniac Murder Cult

Sinister Affiliates

Sinister Affiliates, (or SA Groups for short), are groups within the NSO9A that break off to form another group at the behest of the Trident. However, there is governance of these groups by the NSO9A proper. Their aims cannot be contrary to our own and as a Trident group we have the ultimate say in their activities. These groups Are affiliated and NOT autonomous but they retain their personal association within the NSO9A, (unlike the SS groups) for the individuals of the SS groups primary allegiance must be for their own group. This is a necessary provision to make because eventually Nexions will need to be formed or SA groups that specialize in one aspect of our ideology such as publishing, nihil-nazism, or national socialist satanism will require single pointed focus.

Sinister Affiliated group

Association and Affiliation. Where we stand.

-Since we are associating with the group, and not the individual, we will NEVER accept anyone as an associate of NSO9A or our SA groups that are running from, or were expelled by, their group. First, because this is an excellent way for law enforcement to create infighting amongst the various Sects and Sectors. And secondly if your primary group has found you weak, incapable or a traitor, you can eat shit and die motherfucker! We expect the same of the SS groups in return. Any NSO9A associate attempting to leave us to join an SS group must NEVER be welcome, and deserves whatever they get.

-Any SS group that becomes hostile towards Accelerationism, National Socialism or Satanism ,we will cease association with.

-We view our SA Groups as Brothers, the SS groups as Cousins and all of us as an infernal family! and may this family grow until all jewish world governments have collapsed, until there is nothing left of civilization but hell on earth, and until our teeth have sharpened to points from gnawing on the bones of our enemies!