Autonomy Association Action Sinister Sects/Sectors


  The NSO9A associate is autonomous, thinking and resolute. The trident and association may steer you along but ultimately, you and you alone must be strong enough to carry the Aryan struggle (otherwise, what use are you to us?). When National Socialist Satanists congregate, we can do just about anything, anywhere, at any time. Keep your "bright ideas" to yourself. SHOW US what you have to offer and let our admonitions be your guide.


The Eleven Admonitions

1. He who will not transgress his own morals and ethics, shall never be allowed to implement them.

2. What one does, is closer to what one believes, than what one professes with their speech.

3. The highest station a woman can achieve is to be complementary to man. But no matter her success or failure in this, she is his subordinate always.

4. The only gods in this causal realm are the intelligent forces behind natural law and evolution, and they are blind and deaf to the desires of all life.

5. The acausal is by far the most prevalent and potent. This causal realm is its shadow. The acausal is the anti-cosmos, but more powerful and encompassing than all, is Chaos.

6. Adolf Hitler was the most perfect servant, emissary and representative of the Dark Gods that has ever set foot on this earth. And the greatest one that ever will.

7. Only pray to Lucifer or Bafomet for two things: To be brought into league wholeheartedly with their designs. And to be useful and in servitude to their plans. To pray elsewise is to invite disaster.

8. Esoteric thought with no basis or connection to natural law is not esoteric at all, but only a facade and a refuge for the feebleminded, superstitious, and cowardly.

9. The White Aryan Race is the highest form of life on this earth. Therefore, be an aristocratic white supremacist, or be nothing at all.

10. Any idea, emotion, superior code, or vitality that becomes widely dispersed and embraced by the masses will as a matter of physical law lose its purpose, meaning and potency.

11. Your kindred honor is profane! You may use any human, at any time and under any pretense to further yourself, your brothers, or the will of the Dark Gods. However, those who betray their brothers or play games with the will of our Gods, will in the end receive nothing but retribution in this life, and the next.