Association Action Sinister Sects/Sectors


Member is another word for penis. And the only member we command is the one swinging between our legs (cold weather and shrinkage aside). The NSO has associates only! And in keeping with manhood we associate with one another with respect for each ones ability and standing within our great National Socialist, Satanic community. And in keeping with national socialism our association is based on equal parts autonomy and group adherence. And so it is that we roll out the associate types, which are as follows:



 An NSO apprentice is one who identifies with our views, is not adverse to our modes and methods, and is learning from our esoteric and practical teaching while showing no outward hostility or wavering against us.



An NSO acolyte is a National Socialist Satanist that having been thoroughly poisoned by our brand of vitriol, now can see the truth and WE have recognized him and are now guiding him esoterically to the ultimate goals of NSO.


Hard Line

 The hardliners of NSO are the ones that never wavered and assist the Trident with our infernal work in causal and acausal fashion.




-A white aryan man, free and autonomous, he is sick of the kike system and ready to do something about it!

-Creative and energetic, thinking and resolute!

-Ready to protect his property in any manner he deems necessary!

-A Nihilistic National Socialist ready to tear down everything, in order to be able to save anything!

- A misogynist for the patriarchy, realizing that Nature has placed man above women!

-Satanic, adversarial and treacherous to all outside his sphere of concern, while equally honest, forthright and  loyal to the pack!



-A mud race, christian, jew, muslim, faggot, or child molester!

-Lazy, apathetic, or physically embarrassing to look at!

-A pacifist, snitch, or law abiding citizen!

-A hobbyist, politician or sentimentalist. Today's problems, demand today's solutions!

-Anti-nature. Life in this material world demands adherence to what is natural, not to what is nice!

-Quick to anger amongst his brothers, and never tolerant of his enemies!