Autonomy Association

Action Sinister Sects/Sectors

Unlike hysterics of the past we are not going to harp on smaller actions as being "1.0", nor will we EVER turn our backs on any white man that has made the ultimate sacrifice for our race (provided he is not a christcuck and remain of sound character) ,the collapse of society, or the sinister pleasure of Satan. A little something is better than a whole lot of nothing! 

 For instance you may want to help educate feminists as to the plight of women today, a noble endeavor. We offer many graphics that can be made into high quality stickers or poster that poke fun at the mythology or rape. Perhaps you might want to simply remind a bull dagger dyke that she is not a man but simply a fat ugly female faggot. That is also doing your small part to educate in your area for the better.

 Perhaps you're just sick of living in such a sick world and are ready to make a noble end of it, like the Fuhrer did. Of course you may choose more spectacular or theatrical methods of crossing the abyss to the acausal. But that's nobody's right but your own. YOUR BODY, YOUR CHOICE! Or you could always do what Brenton did in christchurch New Zealand.......... you know, write a manifesto. 

 The point being that whatever level of involvement you choose is because you're a man with a plan and you don't need to take marching orders from the internet! Anything you do, that in large or small part, helps push this rotten jew system over the cliff, leading to its INEVITABLE collapse will always be celebrated by us. Because we have decided we have the right to do so.