The Trident, The Swastika, The Serpent

The symbology of the Trident, the Swastika, and the Serpent all go back into Aryan antiquity and have many amazing and interesting connotations. Here, in their simplest manifestation, is what they represent to us, the National Socialist Order Of Nine Angles:

The Trident-  In Aryan Greek mythology the god Poseidon was said to turn his trident downward to strike the earth and cause earthquakes. The esoterics of this being a turning from the heavens, towards the earth, and not for the sake of enlightenment, but upheaval. Thus, our Trident represents our desire for the upheaval and ultimate end of all alien societies, and all dysgenic civilizations. Spiritually, it represents a turn from the heavens to draw upon the powers of hell. The three prongs of the Trident represent the three aspects and totality of our program and worldview, which is:  ACCELERATIONISM, NATIONAL SOCIALISM and SATANISM!  

The Swastika-  As is well established the Swastika is one of the most ancient and powerful symbols of Aryan antiquity culminating in the reign of Adolf Hitler, the greatest man to have ever lived! Our Swastika is the reverse of that most iconic emblem of the NSDAP to represent our change in tactics from neo-nazis to nihil-nazis. The red color of our Swastika is a constant reminder that it's primarily through blood that we are blessed, and only through bloodshed that we advance.

The Serpent-  We take the Serpent eating its own tail from Norse mythology, the Serpent Jormungandr was the middle son of Loki and Angrboda. It is said at Ragnarok that upon being bit by the serpent Thor walks only nine steps away before he dies. Jormungandr is also known as the World Serpent which encompasses our entire planet. And so it is, that this demon lord of all Serpents, and the god of all snakes encompasses and protects all we hold sacred!