The Rebirth


Sept 6 2022

Henceforth the National Socialist Order shall be known as the National Socialist Order of Nine Angles.

For quite sometime now as has been reported with various accuracies/inaccuracies by many a so-called media outlet a hardcore elite of Satanists has been behind the scenes, and personally behind the scenes we will remain. However the entirety of our message need not remain so.

From this day forward we unleash our trident of sinister direct action the three prongs of which are:

Accelerationism, National Socialism and a virulent and dangerous form of Satanism.

Much remains to be said, and much is to be done, and much will be revealed in the coming days, months, and years. But one thing we will preface, and it must be said in the here and now. Though esoteric in nature, and treacherous to all outside our spheres of concern. The three mentioned prongs of our trident are not bullet points insight rolls or talk, tending towards optics. They are bedrock, they are core.

And neither will we be congested with the ghosts of the past. our lineage always seems to be a talking point in the jews media and as per usual it is nothing but a thumbnail sketch, a two dimensional boogey man to scare the herd. The truth is our lineage spans far wider than AWD. We have authentic and infernal acolytes spanning from the World Church of the Creator, to W.A.R., AWD, and beyond. Even so, we are not the cult of personality that has so often been a plague to our movement. We put the message before the men. In a nutshell that's who we are. Now..... Who the fuck are you?







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