Salty Tears Section


“It's really stressful and I can't really afford to get in trouble for this shit. I need to focus on me enjoying life and overall self preservation." 

-Tinkering LARPer

“As a PSA, avoid anyone on Telegram on this list here, tHeY'Re sAtAnIsTS wHo PrOmOTE tHinGs sUcH aS ChIlD rApE aNd oThEr dEgEneRaCy wItH tHe gOaL oF iNfIltRaTiNg oThEr gRoUps"  

-one Sad boi



-Someone in the movement

“Bro this is just some blasphemous shit. I geniounely hate these motherfuckers! They're making ya'll look like fools because yall already released a previous statement" 

-Someone in the movement

“How can anyone claim to be NS and unironically push for this. These motherfuckers are pyschopaths who are perhaps even more spiritually sick than kabbalistic jews. When GLR spoke of spiritual syphilis this is what he meant. This is a mockery of the swastika, and a mockery of our ancestors who died by its glory." 

-Reactionaries spreading our prop for us

“These bad actors are not idealists, they don’t care about our worldview, to them our worldview is something to be abused and used to promote their own degenerate worldview." 

-guy we made SIEGE for and the futurist state editions 1, 2, and 3

“I just worry that you've shrunk NSO9A to too small levels." 

-guy who didn't reed SIEGE