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March 9

We made SIEGE

We are pleased to announce, and proud to bring you, the best edition of Siege that has been made to date! And a big thank you goes out to all of those who pre-ordered, as we promised early March would be our fulfillment time, and so it is. The first shipment is en route to us as this is going to post. We did this edition at cost, meaning we produced this edition with no profit to ourselves. We made this decision because we were sick of seeing flimsy cheap paperback versions of a book that has inspired so many to action. And we loaded the 666 edition with new color graphics as well as restoring many graphics we wanted to put in the last edition. We are sure the Siege enthusiast will be as happy as we are with this handsome 6th edition. And this is just the first of our publications that we have planned. Rest assured there is plenty more coming down the pike in the form of books and other goodies we will be stocking in the store.

In other news our codification of Current 191 is progressing nicely as we are laying out the primary tenets and practices of the National Socialist Satanist faith. And as we have done our monthly crunching of the numbers between our websites and, we are getting upwards of 10,000 viewers per month! And this doesn't even count our Odyssey channel, viewership on telegram, or those viewing us on deviant art! Half of our website traffic is from Russia, with a very large uptick from our brothers in Italy. And far from being a flash in the pan, our numbers have been in this vicinity for the last 3 months.

Suffice it to say our NSO9A associates and affiliates have grown as well. All this proves to us what we well knew, which is that there is a huge interest within these circles for true and hard-hitting National Socialist Satanism. And some sincere, new and fresh perspectives on racialism in general. And so we continue. For as always........ the Devil's work is never done.

Hail The End,




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