Reichsfuhrer of the Schutzstaffel


Heinrich Himmler was born on October 9th 1900 as the middle child of three brothers to respectable middle-class parents. His father was a grammar school teacher who ran a strict but compassionate orderly house full of rules and prohibitions. No doubt young Heinrich was bestowed his gift of keen observance, love of discipline and pedantic nature from his father. His mother was an enthusiastic Catholic who made sure that religion played an important role in her young son’s lives. Prince Heinrich, a family friend who was ninth in line to the Wittelsbach crown agreed to become the Godfather to the young Himmler and this is where he would receive his name. A common German habit that Heinrich’s father instilled in him from boyhood was that of dutiful diary keeping. This is a faithful habit that Heinrich would keep until his death. As a young child he had a frail and sickly constitution and would frequently fall seriously ill causing him to miss many days of school. Despite the chronic absence caused by his sickness he was described by his teachers as a hard-working model student and voracious pupil, especially excelling in the subjects of history and religious studies. Health problems would continue to haunt Heinrich for the rest of his life, especially serious gastrointestinal issues resulting in painful stomach cramps.

At the outbreak of the First World War Heinrich’s frequent diary entries showed a glowing and jubilant patriotism for his country. He was enthralled with everything military related and was a staunch supporter of the German troops, having great contempt for those Germans who advocated pacifism or bemoaned the conflict. At the time of the war the starry-eyed and patriotic Heinrich was only fourteen and therefore too young to enlist to fight for his country. Heinrich eventually did enlist and was in the process of boot camp training but to his disappointment the armistice happened before he could see any action on the front. He felt like a failure and was yearning to prove himself to his family and countrymen. A few years before young Heinrich his older brother Gebhard would enlist and end up fighting fierce battles on the Western front, for his valiant efforts eventually being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and being decorated with the Iron Cross, a prestigious honor that Heinrich respected and envied. After the stab in the back from subversive Jewish communists within the German government which resulted in a premature and treacherous surrender, Himmler like many Germans was sent into chaos, confusion and mourning. The innumerable outrages of the Versailles treaty and the resulting financial crisis would see Germany precariously teetering on the edge of the abyss. Eventually needing to support himself financially he became a student of agriculture, acquired some farmland and made money by being a poultry farmer. It was around this time where Himmler began to question his Catholic faith, find flaws in its doctrines and he looked elsewhere for spiritual fulfillment which lead to his obsession with Nordic mythology as well as the compelling mythos of the lost continent of Atlantis. He also developed a fascination with ancient relics that were said to possess supernatural power such as the spear of destiny and the Holy Grail. His intimate studies in religion and the occult lead him to the conclusion that the true religions of the European peoples had been corrupted and defiled by an alien Semitic influence from the Middle East.

His natural instinct towards craving brotherhood and camaraderie as well as bolstering his own masculinity led him to join a series of fencing fraternities and paramilitary rifle clubs until he landed himself in the ReichsKriegsFlagge (Reich War Flag). This is the group that would absorb him into the Sturmabteilung (Brownshirts) the National Socialist German Workers Party and into the good graces of the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler himself. At this time Himmler also took an interest in chemistry and was employed at a fertilizer factory. On the morning of November 8th 1923 The Beer Hall Putsch of the NSDAP commenced. During this attempted coup the young Heinrich Himmler was the stoic standard bearer of the Recishkriegsflagge which would become a treasured relic but still overshadowed by the sacred Blutfahne (Blood Flag) stained with the blood of fallen heroes. During this firefight on the city streets of Munich four policeman defending the corrupt regime and sixteen NSDAP revolutionaries were shot and killed. Himmler’s participation in this historic and intrepid event alone puts to rest the absurd notion that he was a coward. He was willing to march headfirst into the jaws of death for his beliefs and what was right for his folk. While it is true that Himmler’s organizational skills, eye for security detail and troop formations, discipline and intellect were his strong points as a man and not his physicality or combat prowess, it is abundantly clear that he was a man willing to sacrifice himself for the betterment of his nation. After the failed putsch the German government banned the National Socialist German Workers Party and Himmler was fired from his factory job.

Driven by his patriotism and love for his folk he defiantly continued his dissident activities and would join the National Socialist Freedom Movement. His work he did for this group included the editing of journals, writing of propaganda and even occasionally giving political speeches himself. In the short span of about five years Himmler would rise from a glorified clerk of a political party to becoming the chief of police and military intelligence over an entire nation. He donned the infamous black uniform of the Schutzstaffel and with it the sardonic Totenkopf which would become a symbol of fear and death to the Semitic swine. Himmler would transform what was once a small bodyguard or protection squadron formed around the safety of Adolf Hitler into an elite fighting force and esoteric brotherhood whose honor were there loyalty and whose loyalty was to the death. Himmler had a radical mission to Paganize Europe and bring it back to its agrarian roots of nature worship. As a lifelong lover of the wild outdoors and of animals Himmler had a large hand in the unprecedented forest preservation laws of National Socialist Germany as well as the strict prohibitions against animal cruelty. Extensive classes on the Runic Futhark were given to SS soldiers and many pagan runes were deployed as both uniform insignia and emblazoned on flags. Himmler was also an advocate for eugenic polygamy and he believed that SS soldiers of quality genetic stock who had survived combat on the front multiple times should be given the distinction and opportunity to take two or three wives, this way the strongest and bravest would produce the largest broods. Similar to this Himmler was largely responsible for the Lebensborn Program which the reader should be aware of that followed this same principle of positive eugenics creating and maintaining breeding brothels stocked full of healthy blonde- haired and blue- eyed women being impregnated by strong and healthy SS soldiers. Himmler also told his blonde Teutonic SS men to make love to their wives in the cemeteries where great German heroes were buried so their offspring would inherit the noble traits of the fallen knights. Christian weddings were replaced with pagan ceremonies and Christmas was replaced with the joy of Winter Solstice festivals.

Himmler with the help of his eccentric court magician Karl Maria Willigut, a man some historians have called “Hitler’s Rasputin” would acquire an impressive occult fortress called Wewelsburg Castle. Wewelsburg Castle was a place supercharged with potent Acausal energies and other than the supreme living and breathing Nexion that was the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler himself was one of the most powerful nexions of the 20th Century but now since it is no longer in the hands of its true Aryan masters it is but a dormant gateway. In this castle Himmler would form a Teutonic Knights of the Round Table, a secret society built on racial purity and the pagan religion of the blood. The floors of this magickal castle were emblazoned with majestic black suns and Sig Runes. There was a ritual chamber deep down below in the bowels of the fortress called ‘The Hall of the Dead’ which was restricted to only the Reichsfuhrer and his initiated inner circle of black magicians. Himmler believed himself to be the reincarnation of the tenth century Saxon King Henry Fowler also known as King Heinrich The Fowler and was said to be in intimate psychic communication with the kings ghost in the small hours of the morning within the castle. Initially the castle was going to be a military training center but soon became a mystical nexus for pagan ceremonies and secret midnight rites.

Wewelsburg Castle according to Himmler’s trusted friend and advisor Karl Maria Willigut was predestined to be the final outpost of a future apocalyptic war which would fend off the Mongol hordes of the East and save Germany from destruction. The Reichsfuhrer believed that he had inherited King Henry Fowlers quest to conquer the East and thus bring forth a glorious new dawn from the Germanic people. Himmler has been called the architect of the holocaust and the mastermind of the final solution, both of these lofty titles would be fitting compliments for the Reichsfuhrer of the SS.

SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Karll Wolf has told a story of Himmler watching a German firing squad execute their prisoners. After shots were fired from the rifles some blood and a piece of brain splattered across Himmler’s face after which he turned green in complexion and vomited into the bushes below. While Himmler was man who would be willing to fight and die for his country this doesn’t mean he had the stomach for bloodshed or a constitution for gore, his peculiar and commendable talents would have been wasted as an infantry grunt. After this revolting moment he had a constructive epiphany. He knew that many of the weary German soldiers required to be plied consistently with hard liquor to withstand the deleterious psychological effects of participating in firing squad executions for days on end. Surely there was a quicker and more efficient way to liquidate these racial inferiors. At first dozens of Jews and other enemies of the Reich were packed into a windowless holding compartment while noisy vehicle pipes dumped suffocating amounts of exhaust into the receptacle. This primitive method was considered too dirty and took too long to result in widespread fatalities. Finally more complex and sophisticated mobile gassing vans were devised and designed and were so effective in some places that Serbia was the first country declared Judenfrei by some SS commanders.

Heinrich Himmler had a sharp and methodical mind that allowed him to calculate and direct the dizzying logistics of mass subhuman death. Under Himmler’s grim command at least eleven million subhuman parasites were marched into the flaming furnaces of Holy Armageddon. These enormous numbers of liquidated undesirables are nearly impossible to comprehend by the human mind and represent an astronomical sacrifice to the Dark Gods of pure Aryan blood.


Trident of National Socialism