Hated for what we are

Dec 16

We have completed and posted the last of our trident series entitled "The Trident Of National Socialism'' and we are now focusing our efforts on the production of the revised second printing of the fifth edition of Siege, as well as our very own 666 edition. As always we are busy as ever and still very much grateful for the work our associates have put into our endeavors. As we check the site traffic over the last month, we see that we are getting thousands of new views from Russia. So many in fact that at times our Russian viewership has been, on more than one occasion, the majority of new visits to nso9a.com in particular. To be exact last month we saw more than 5000 visitors to our dot com site alone with about 16,000 hits in the US and 8000 from the Russian Federation! It's also worth mentioning that Germany, Austria and Great Britain are not far behind (in that order). To be honest, we could not be more pleased with this recent development! We could not be more pleased because in the history of neo-nazism worldwide there is nowhere on the planet that currently has so many militant and active National Socialists and true warriors for the White Race as Russia in particular, and Eastern Europe in General! Not to mention having one of the best NSBM scenes on the planet!

We also want to ensure our Russian readership that any groups you may be looking up to here in the U.S. do not deserve your admiration, for it is us that should be looking up to you. Because although actions SHOULD speak louder than words that is not always the case. Because of the internet, how things look, graphics, and wording are typically mistaken by people as being substance, as being more important than reality. But we do not feel this way, we of the NSO9A are far more impressed by the man in the street fighting and breaking unjust jewish laws than we are about whoever is currently in the news in our own country for merely talking or being part of groups that have hyped up names so that our jewish government can scare people with threats which they know are manufactured and phony.

That's not to say that good and noble actions (such as murder in the name of our race) do not occur here. But from what we can see there's nothing like the organization and steady resistance that you have there. Therefore, we are very happy to see that our brothers in Russia, and abroad, have taken an interest in such numbers and are studying our ideology of National Socialist Satanism with such thoroughness. And whether you agree with us, or not (and we hope that you will) we want you to at least know that we are for real, and that we are with you. As we are fond of saying


And to our associates here in the U.S. we would like to say that it's time for you, and for us as well, to learn about the struggle for National Socialism outside of the JEWnited states of america and learn what our white brothers have been up to today, while we wallow in our past. For instance groups in Russia such as The National Socialist Organization, The Russian Cleaners and Sanitater 88 are shining examples of action that we can all learn from and should do our best to emulate. Rahowa! This planet is all ours!


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