Hans-Adolf Prützmann was born August 31st, 1901 in East Prussia. He like the Dark God he came to serve, Heinrich Himmler, did not serve in WWI. He had no past glories to coast on and made his battlefield the streets of Germany and eventually the east. But we get ahead of ourselves.  

He saw his first action in 1918-1921 where he served in one of the Freikorps and on August 1st, 1929 he joined the NSDAP. He spent a short time in the SA before joining the great order he would come to define, the SS. In 1931 he became the fuhrer of the 19th-SS Standarte and in 1932 he was elected to the Reichstag as the representative of East Prussia. A position he served in until the end of the war.

He would be transferred to lead several other SS forces before becoming SS Birgadefuhrer in 1933 and SS Gruppenfuhrer in 1934. In only a few years Prutzmann had a career that most may only dream of, and all before WWII. But before the outbreak of the conflict Prutzmann would gain one other key position. Already a member of Hamburg's senate (Germanys second largest city) he was appointed chief of police in 1938 now reporting directly to Heinrich Himmler and having massive control over the SS and uniformed police. After filling this position in other cities at the outbreak of war Prutzmann was promoted once more to the Lieutenant General following the invasion of Russia. He was responsible for anti partisan operations in the Baltic states and Belarus along with the Einsatzgruppen.

He was then sent to southern Russia and promoted in 1941 to SS Obergruppenfuherer and general of police. They carried out their tasks with ruthless efficiency being able to kill tens of thousands in only a few days at some points. Kikes, gypsies, partisans, commissars, and priests all fell victim to Prutzmann and his comrades and the east was being cleansed for the German people. 30,000 kikes in Latvia and 80,000 in Lithuania.

 He was also in charge of securing slave labor for construction projects out east and thousands of former concentration camp inmates died under harsh yet effective working conditions. A gift they were ultimately worthy of, being allowed to die in service of a superior race. In early 1943 Prutzmann was again transferred to Ukraine for what by this point was his specialty and did exactly what one would expect. He cleansed Ukraine of marxist traitors and subhumans. On December 15th they killed 16,000 alone, during February of 1942 almost 23,000 had been killed in Dnipropetrovsk, August 19-23 of the same year saw 14,000 dead, and in September 1-3 13,500 were shot, and on October 27th of the same year, Prutzmann was set to clear Pinsk.

 By December 26th he reported 36,321 dead kikes. Few other individual men bounced from place to place such as Prutzmann but by this point, he had showed himself competent and absolutely ruthless being a trusted friend to Himmler. And in late 1943 he received the new designation of supreme SS and police leader and had 16 lower SS police leaders under his command along with their vast arrays of uniformed cops, auxiliary, and SS fighters.

 Skorzeny and his unit launched into their first mission in the summer of 1943: Operation François. The plan was to organize the nomadic Qashqai people, in Iran, into an armed guerrilla force which could serve the German war effort.

Prutzmann continued his activities of purging racial enemies until January 1944 when he was put in command of a battle group in army group south, the tide of the war obviously being shifted massively to their disfavor by this point. In this position he was awarded the German cross gold for his actions. Despite hard fighting him and the rest of the German forces were pushed out of Ukraine. Prutzmann was made Himmler's personal liaison in June 1944 and general of the Waffen-SS July 1944.

As the war was lost, Prutzmann was not able to evade capture. He was interrogated by the British in Diest Belgium and committed suicide by cyanide on May 21st only 2 days before Heinrich Himmler and in the same camp no less. This being the most readily known of Prutzmann at the time.

Behind the scenes, though in the dying days of WWII a strategy and sacred order was born, one so sacred even the Fuhrer himself could not know. The SS Werewolves. The idea of continued resistance after defeat actually being formulated first by Reinhard Heydrich.

After his death however it was Himmler who picked up the idea, and Prutzmann would be instrumental. In 1944 the groundwork was laid for post war Nazi guerillas, in attendance were Heinrich Himmler, Otto Skorzeny, Artur Axmann, and of course Hans-Adolf Prützmann. Prutzmann being appointed to find recruits from his finest men and then train and refresh them in basic anti partisan operations before being sent to Skorzeny for specialized guerilla tactics as his "hunting teams".

In late 1944 the first 200 Werewolves chosen by Prutzmann were trained at Schloss Hulchrath castle in small arms, demolitions, radio communication, and survival by Skorzeny. Already having been trained with rifles and panzerfaust by Prutzmann. More training centers were set up in the suburbs of Berlin and the alpine fortress in Bavaria.

In October of 1944 Prutzmann was assigned to build a team for operation carnival, of which he hand picked 6 Werewolves to carry out the assassination of allied appointed mayor of Aechen, Franz Oppenhoff. The operation was a success and this team along with many others would continue a campaign of murder and terrorism. As we have stated before it is the Werewolves who are the true inheritors to the struggle, Himmler, Skorzeny, and Prutzmann making good on the final order given by Goebbels from the Fuhrer to keep fighting until the last man.

No more parties, literature, rallies, or diplomacy. That had all been destroyed and the glory of the Aryan race in Germany and National Socialism deserved nothing more than the most brutal fight imaginable. The beauty now mired under dirt and mud as Werewolves hid in the forest and sewers, yet still there in all its ferocity. By any means necessary this had to prevail, and if it didn't then the Aryan race ought not live on to endure the humiliation of jewish slavery.

And Prutzmann exemplified this. He was a ruthless killer, a man whose true brilliance was brought out by the noblest war in history. And not noble because the National Socialists were so kind and honorable. But because their right to rule was so obvious. And in the wake of seeming defeat Prutzmann left behind an order, a brotherhood in the truest sense that would define the struggle from then on. The spirit of defiance he imparted to his Werewolves remaining with him until his final moments as he bravely and honorably left this world on his own terms. And that spirit is remembered because the example of Prutzmann, his few equals, and his even fewer betters are the only National Socialists whose example matters.


Trident of National Socialism