Gains Thus Far

Oct 6 2022

Since our launch we, of the Trident, are very happy with our gains thus far, we have many projects in the works and much more to come. However, what we truly are interested in isn't building our brand; that is simply a given as long as we keep on fighting, and keep doing so with some measure of success. What we are interested in is putting forth a Weltanschauung, an all encompassing worldview that today’s White Man can march forth into his community with and be empowered to destroy everything he hates without having any sort of moral hangups or concerns about if it is "good" or "right", or "legal" or any other of society’s made up concepts.

One thing that has come up a few times is what we mean by the nature of association, as compared to members. This is not surprising, and is often the case with racialist groups, National Socialist Groups and many so-called satanist groups. The idea of rank and file is so prevalent here that even when the title is removed people are still left wondering, what’s the difference?

The difference is this, autonomy! Our infernal mandate is to bring forth the truth, undiluted and with zero concern what society or any so-called movements think or feel and we are all about the devil’s work. But what you decide to do with it, or not, is not the Tridents' concern. This is why I am the director of the Trident and not the leader of you! As said,we have our stated goal and we have a sinister faith, in which we sincerely believe. We are also Nihil-Nazis and ardent National Socialists and we are expounding upon this as well. And all this is to start the slow work of building not only our group but an association of groups, where a community and culture for purposeful evil and violent actions can find validity and can grow.

To move this message, this movement, and our holy work forward, we don't need a member anymore than anyone else that's getting down to their business needs members. That's why the term is business associate and not business member. We associate with each other because we not only are in alignment with this ideology but also because we are working in some way to bring it about, or propel it forward.

So there you have it, to become an associate you must share our worldview, and be motivated by it. And you must be of use. And our association is open to all good and true White Men who are National Socialist Satanists and Nihil-Nazis worldwide! We see no value whatsoever in keeping the truth regional, or national. The entire world is suffering from the twisted machinations of the jew and all his disgusting and poisonous religions and leftwing mental brain rot! So as long as that is the case, the swastika and the trident should become a standing menace to all societies, all mud races, and all government powers until every square inch of this earth has been eradicated of the filth, or there is nothing left at all. RAHOWA! this planet is all ours!


Hail The End!







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